Employer branding statements

That's Messer - that´s our way

Our employer brand is the result of intensive analysis and employee surveys conducted across various countries and departments. The aim of all these measures was to find cultural similarities and differences.

From this we developed our employer brand, which describes:

  • Who we are and what we stand for as an employer (Employer Brand Positioning Statement)
  • What type of person fits in with our corporate culture (Cultural Fit)
  • What makes us special or even unique as an employer (Unique Employment Proposition)

Employer brand positioning statement

  • We aim high. Each and every one of us.
  • We are confident and relaxed.
  • Our team spirit makes us strong.
  • We enjoy the freedom we need to achieve.

Cultural fit

Messer suits those who: ...

  • ... are not easily satisfied.
  • ... never want to stop learning.
  • ... thrive when given the freedom to achieve.
  • ... focus on the essentials.
  • ... don’t need to prove themselves.
  • ... can keep things in perspective.
  • ... appreciate frankness.
  • ... enjoy an open dialogue with the Messer team.
  • ... are easy to work with.

Unique employment proposition

  • The courage to aim high.
  • The freedom we need to achieve.

That's Messer. That's our way.