Management Board and Supervisory Board of the Messer Group

Reliability in all business activities is a quality to which both the Management Board and the Supervisory Board are committed. Over the past ten years, the Supervisory Board has supported the strategy of the Messer Group to the best of its ability and, in so doing, has always called for business sustainability alongside commercial success.

Supervisory Board:

Dr. Jürgen Heraeus, Chairman
Dr. Werner Breuers
Dr. Bodo Lüttge
Dr. Karl-Gerhard Seifert
Dr. Nathalie von Siemens
Peter Wilhelm Storm van’s Gravesande

Management Board:

Stefan Messer, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Hans-Gerd Wienands, Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Uwe Bechtolf, Strategy, Executive Vice President Accounting & Controlling
Johann Ringhofer, Executive Vice President Engineering & Production
Adolf Walth, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing