That´s our way

Employer Brand Positioning Statement

  • We aim high. Each and every one of us.
  • We are confident and relaxed.
  • Our team spirit makes us strong.
  • We enjoy the freedom we need to achieve.

Cultural Fit

Messer suits those who: ...

  • ... are not easily satisfied.
  • ... never want to stop learning.
  • ... thrive when given the freedom to achieve.


  • ... focus on the essentials.
  • ... don’t need to prove themselves.
  • ... can keep things in perspective.


  • ... appreciate frankness.
  • ... enjoy an open dialogue with colleagues.
  • ... are easy to work with.

Unique Employment Proposition

  • The courage to aim high.
  • The freedom we need to achieve.

That's Messer. That's our way.