Nitrogen has a concentration in the air that we breathe by about 78% by volume.


Nitrogen is produced by air separation process

Storage and transport:

In liquid form, nitrogen is stored in tanks and transported to customers by tanker lorries and cryogenic iso-containers. Messer has its own fleet of tank lorries, iso-containers and storage tanks ready to be used to supply your needs

Health and Safety:

At room temperature, Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas. It is not toxic. For low temperature applications, it is chemically inert, ie very little reactive. Nitrogen is non-flammable and can prevent combustion processes. In addition, at high concentration, it can have an asphyxiating effect by replacing the oxygen necessary for breathing. At atmospheric pressure, the nitrogen liquefies at a temperature of -196 ° C. Due to its characteristics, special safety instructions must be observed when handling nitrogen.

Industrial processes applications:

In industry as well as in research, nitrogen applications are numerous. Most of these applications uses nitrogen in liquid form, as a refrigerant, or in gaseous form, as an inert gas. Once used, the unchanged nitrogen is released into the atmosphere, of which it is the main component.