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We always supply gas just the way you need it

Messer can supplies individual cylinders or cylinders bundles for small gas requirements, on-site storage tank solution, for which gas is supplied by road tanker, and the smaller dewar solution, which is supplied by Messer service vehicules. For large jobs, Messer can provide gas production at the customer site. This involves producing gases on-site in air separation or membrane units or in hydrogen and synthesis gas production facilities.


Happy Birthday ! Messer celebrates its 120 years anniversary

1898-2018 This poster was the first sign of Messer in 1898. It symbollicaly represents the victory of acetylene light over oil lamps.


All our expertise in the cutting and welding applications

In metal processing, overall production efficiency is influenced to a large extent by welding. Any potential improvement in production and quality has a positive impact on production costs. The shielding mixtures of Messer facilitate weliding performance of the highest quality for every type of welding and every material.


High-purity gases and gas mixtures for all requirements

The field of analytical application is extremely diverse: monitoring the quality of foodstuffs, testing engines in the automotive industry, controlling processes in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries, in medicine, metallurgy or environmental monitoring... Messer offers a wide range of high-purity gases, standard mixtures and customised gas mixtures that fulfil all the required performance criteria.

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Gases for Life