Dry Ice

Dry Ice is the name of carbon dioxide in solid form.

Producing dry ice consists of releasing stored CO2 at -20 ° C and a pressure of 20 bar at atmospheric pressure. This then goes from the liquid state to the solid state.

To produce dry ice, it is then necessary to compress this dry ice thanks to an ice machine, also called pelletizer. Pieces of dry ice are then produced at a temperature of -78°C.

In contact with the ambient air, the dry ice sublimes and goes directly from the solid state to the gaseous state, leaving no residue, solid or liquid, which must be reprocessed thereafter. In doing so, it releases frigories, of the order of 150 frigories / kg. This cooling capacity is used for many applications, such as cooling in the food industry or for temperature-controlled transport of pharmaceuticals.


Applications of Dry Ice

Dry ice or snow are used in many numerous applications in many fields:

  • In food processing industry, for the cooling: injected during a mixing phase, the dry snow insures ultra-fast cooling To learn more
  • In transport cooling, for food products, pharmaceutical and medical samples... To learn more
  • In environment and many industrial sectors, for dry ice blasting: it consists in projecting in a flow of compressed air, particles of dry ice or snow on teh surface to be treated. This technical solution is a good economic, ecological and high efficiently alternative solution to traditionnal cleaning processes. To learn more
  • In the event sector: in contact with warm water, dry ice sublimates and gives off a whit smoke. This solution is used to create scenic effects.


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