Messer, the right partner for the aeronautical industry

Innovative technologies from a long experience

Messer is present from the design stage to offer efficient technical solutions, often beyond the requirements of the specifications.

Present throughout the entire value chain of the sector, Messer also provides many subcontractors of aeronautics in gas (bulk and bottles) and associated technical solutions.

Messer supplies the laser cutters, the welders, the heat treatment specialists, the founders, the forgers ...


A complete range of industrial gases for aeronautical application technologies 

Argon Helium Hydrogen Nitrogen Oxygen Carbon dioxide
Additive maufacturing Cooling, immerse Thermal spray Composite heating Thermal spray Transport cooling
Heat treatment Balloon aerostat Heat treatment Heat treatment Laser cutting Colling after thermal spray
Pressure testing Supraconductivity   Inerting   Cryogenics
Inerting Leak detection   Laser cutting   CO2 supercritical
Thermal spray Low temperature testing   Acoustic testing   Cryoblasting
Welding Inerting   Machining    
  Welding   Thermal spray    
  Thermal spray   Material testing    
      Components test chambers    


Examples of applications

On several new production units, Messer has installed specific technologies to optimize nitrogen supply (high quality and high instantaneous flow) of large autoclaves, in which composite parts are processed. These solutions are lined with energy recovery devices that respect the environment.