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Move on

Messer is always on the move. Not resting on our laurels but constantly looking for new opportunities and possibilities is part of how we see ourselves. This applies to innovation, to the optimisation of processes, to our customer care, and of course to our sustainable growth.

We were able to achieve the latter in the 2016 financial year, particularly in China and the ASEAN states (ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations): investments in new air separation units and a joint venture are tangible evidence of this.

We have also taken further steps in terms of the supply of gases. Our strategic focus on our cylinder gas business is manifested in numerous projects and campaigns. The most conspicuous of these was surely our service campaign, which conveyed the message that we simply have more to offer in every respect where gases in cylinders are concerned.

While the examples mentioned are very different, they share an important precondition: teamwork and cooperation across geographical and company boundaries. That is something that the people who work for Messer are just really good at. Exploring new avenues together is something we simply take for granted, rendering aspects such as origin, language, culture and gender irrelevant.

So, when we move on, it’s always as a team and on an equal footing with everyone involved.