Welding & cutting

The Messer Group has specialised technical centres in Germany, Hungary and China, where new technologies, gas mixtures and applications are developed for welding and cutting applications. The primary focus is a future-oriented alignment of our products to the needs of our customers.


The German location has been established at the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld. The close contact with the university promotes and strengthens our joint work on innovative projects. That work concentrates on the development of shielding gas mixtures for various materials and welding methods. Many partners who can support us in our work are located in the immediate vicinity.

Along with the development of new products and applications, welding tests are carried out here for our customers. Due to the increasingly mechanised or automated production lines at our customers’ facilities, it is often impossible to conduct welding tests there on-site.

Its excellent equipment makes the German location particularly well suited for innovative projects, customer presentations and training courses.


The Hungarian location cooperates closely with the University of Applied Sciences in Budapest. Here, too, we carry out joint projects to develop our business.

Along with customer support, the technical centre also provides preliminary testing services for our customers. The special services we offer include the training and certification of welders.







China needs technical centres of its own for its rapidly growing market. The technical centre in Chengdu is designed to carry out tests with high temperature processes. Along with metallurgy, welding technology in particular is based here. The increasingly demanding quality requirements of Chinese industry necessitate operations which take place at a local level.

Accordingly, the technical centres are used to conduct welding tests for customers and for product demonstrations. Training rooms are available for instructors to provide technical and marketing training to our sales personnel.