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Messer plans further growth in Western Europe with new industrial gases plant in Spain

Today, the largest family-run industrial gases specialist worldwide, Messer, announced the construction of a new production plant for gases at its Spanish location in Vila-seca. It will be located in the south of the Tarragona Chemical Complex and will have a capacity of 2,400 tons of oxygen, nitrogen and argon per day. The air separation plant will also be certified for the production of medical gases. In total, the family company will invest more than 35 million euros in the construction of the new production plant. Messer is thus expanding its activities in Spain and laying the foundation for further growth in Western Europe. "With this investment, we are ensuring a reliable and flexible supply of our customers and at the same time optimizing our processes by using the most advanced technology," emphasizes Stefan Messer, owner and CEO of Messer Group GmbH. The commissioning is scheduled for December 2021.

The new production plant will be connected to the Messer pipeline network to meet the growing oxygen and nitrogen demand of the chemical industry in Tarragona. In addition, manufacturing companies in the region will be supplied with gases - liquefied in tankers and gaseous in cylinders. During the planning and construction phase, around 200 people will be working on this project; after completion, Messer will employ more than 20 people in the new plant.


  • The project was presented in a press conference in Spain today. The minister of Economy and Science of the Catalan Government, Ramon Tremosa, and the Mayor of Vila-seca, Pere Segura, were part of the participants.

Stefan Messer, owner and CEO of the Messer Group GmbH
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The project was presented in a press conference in Spain today...
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