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Application areas for the DuoCondex-process

DuoCondex® units are quite often installed at production sites of chemical companies. Here, gaseous nitrogen, stored in liquid form, is normally used for inerting. As the evaporated nitrogen from the cryocondensation plants can be fed directly into the customer’s pipeline the liquid nitrogen is not considered part of the plant’s running costs.

A further important segment is the pharmaceutical industry where the process easyly can be applicated, because the waste gas flows are quite often suitable for the standard equipment layout. Other types of gas cleaning technology, such as incineration or adsorption, are often not the first choice because they produce secondary emissions (CO2, waste water, etc.).

Installations are possible on solvent tanks with the added benefit that the recovered condensate can be returned to the vessels without any further treatment. Fuel vapours from tank farms can also be treated in this way but due to the higher permitted emission levels these are usually recovered using cheaper alternative technologies.

Another major application area for the DuoCondex® technology is the recovery of CFC emissions from refrigerator recycling plants. Projects are mainly executed together with Partner companies selling machinery equipment in this market segment.