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Messer continues to forge ahead in Germany

Bad Soden, Germany
Bad Soden, Germany

Messer continues to forge ahead in Germany

Industrial gases specialist Messer has opened its largest European production facility in Germany.

Messer has now been supplying Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, one of its major customers, with industrial gases from its largest European production facility since August. The on-site air separation unit at Salzgitter AG has now been officially opened. The largest privately run industrial gases manufacturer has invested around 50 million euros in the construction of the new production unit. The unit produces 28,000 standard cubic metres of gaseous oxygen from pure air for use in steel manufacturing. If necessary, up to 36,000 standard cubic metres of oxygen per hour can be supplied to the steelworks. Messer also produces oxygen, nitrogen and argon for the local market.

The new unit uses about five per cent less electricity than conventional air separation units thanks to its integrated gas liquefier. The entire production operation is officially certified, as is the state-of-the-art energy management system employed by Messer and Salzgitter. Messer has created 13 new jobs in the region. A secure supply of industrial gases, which are as important as water and electricity in most manufacturing plants, offers opportunities for other companies to locate to the area.

Messer is back

Led by owner Stefan Messer, the company re-entered the German market as an industrial gases supplier in May 2008. In order to guarantee a good supply of these gases for customers, Messer commissioned its first German air separation unit in Siegen in 2009. In spite of the financial crisis, Messer has been able to further expand its business by adhering to its investment plans. Since 2008, Messer has concluded almost 800 new customer contracts in Germany. In the past two years, it has installed over 200 on-site gas tanks for customers in all sectors of industry.



At the push of a button, Stefan Messer launched the symbolic first filling with liquid nitrogen. (from l. to r.: Peter Schürmann, senior chairman of the “Partnerschaft für Lehrstellen e.V.,” a job-training initiative; Guido Simon, Production Plant Manager at Messer in Germany; Michael Bock, Manager of Energy Plants at Salzgitter AG; Stefan Messer, owner and CEO of the Messer Group; Rainer Dworog, City Council Chairman of the City of Salzgitter)

At the push of a button, Stefan Messer launched the symbolic first filling with liquid nitrogen...
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The air separation unit in Salzgitter consumes around five percent less electrical energy than conventional air separation plants.
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