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Widok zawartości stron
Widok zawartości stron

Publications of the Messer Group

Press Releases

Here you will find the latest corporate news, press photos and the news archive.

Technical articles

Here you will find detailed articles on various gases applications and procedures.

Customer magazine

The magazine for industrial gases, has been designed for readers who want to know more about the diversity of our business: clearly written and well-illustrated. It is important for us to inspire different people for the world of gases - from technical experts to inquisitive students. Because gases are as important as water and electricity in their daily lives.

Specialist brochures

The know-how about our products and the specific applications and processes in which our gases are used, we have summarized in specialist brochures: We hold around 70 specialist brochures on various topics for you.

Image brochures

In its image publications, Messer presents the wide range of applications and characteristics of the "Gases for Life" and provides information on industrial gases, their extraction, transport and the family business.

Annual reports

Here you can find Messer's annual reports. Flanking sketches by historian Dr. Jörg Lesczenski describe the economic environment in which the family company moved over the years.


Here you can find Messer's advertisement campaigns.

100 per cent Messer

Jörg Lesczensk  tells informatively and concisely the unusual tale of a family business that once seemed lost – yet in the end could be successfully relaunched.