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Sigita Radziukynaité

Sigita Radziukynaité

Sigita Radziukynaité works in the medical gases section at UAB ELME MESSER in Lithuania. She has been a Messer employee since May 2006 and lives in the capital Vilnius.

My biggest professional challenge at Messer so far has been…
… building up the medical business from nothing when I joined Messer. The greatest challenge was to prepare and modify all the documentation for medical gases in line with EU regulations within a very short period of time.

What typifies Messer for me is…
… the fact that I have colleagues throughout Europe and beyond, whose friendliness creates a real sense of family.

My strengths...
… are perseverance, meticulousness, communication and the ability to learn quickly.

I have a weakness for…
… spending time with my family and friends, the French language and dancing.

What fascinates you about gases and gas applications?
Health-care innovations that involve the use of gases.

The most important invention of the last century is…
... genetic engineering.