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Qing Xu

Qing Xu

Qing Xu joined Messer in 2000 and is the Chief Financial Officer of Messer Griesheim (China) Investment. He lives in
Shanghai with his wife Youna Zhang and son Tianchun Xu.

My biggest professional challenge at Messer so far has been…
...the restructuring of the company’s legal form in China between 2007 and 2009. We had to go through complicated approval processes in order to turn Messer Consulting into a Chinabased holding company. Today it bundles all of the company’s investments in the Chinese gas business.

What typifi es Messer for me is…
...the fact that 90 per cent of executives at Messer in China came from the company itself. This is rare at big companies here.

My strong point...
...is my full commitment to my work.

I have a weakness for…
...my wife and son, good food and fine wine.

What fascinates you about gases and gas applications?
The fact that they play a role in all the things we use in our daily lives, be it food, ballpoint pens, light bulbs, plastic bottles or cars.

The most important invention of the last century is…
...the internet.