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Marisa García

Marisa García

Marisa García, responsible for safety, environmental protection and quality at Messer Ibérica de Gases in Spain, has been working for Messer since February 2003. She lives in Tarragona with her husband and two children.

My biggest professional challenge at Messer so far has been...
...implementing the «Quality, Environment and Safety Management System» at Messer Ibérica de Gases. In May, we received the silver EIGA safety award from the European Industrial Gases Association for ten accident-free years.

What typifies Messer for me is…
...the fact that employees are given the freedom to develop their areas of expertise.

My strengths...
...are my personal commitment, perseverance and sincerity.

I have a weakness for…
...walks along the beach, good films and, of course, playing with my children.

What fascinates you about gases and gas applications?
The fact that you frequently encounter them in everyday life. Gases are hidden in many products such as consumer goods or commodities.

The most important invention of the last century is…
...it is hard to name just one invention today. The last century has seen so much progress that benefi ts humankind. In my view, medical advances, such as penicillin and vaccines, have been the most important ones.