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Widok zawartości stron
Widok zawartości stron

Keg Cleaning

Process description

Kegs used in the catering industry, but also those for private use must be cleaned before reutilisation. A particularly effective method is the use of carbonated water with the addition of a small amount of the usual chemical cleaning agent.   

Messer solution

After the keg has been cleaned with lye it has to be rinsed out. Here it is important that the pH value of the lye be restored to a normal level. This can be carried out by neutralising with CO2. Alternatively, cleaning can take place using carbonated water with the addition of a small amount of chemical cleaning agent. Using carbonated water saves time and detergents and is thus environmentally friendly.  


  • Less water required
  • Less time needed
  • CO2 has a dissolving effect
  • Good control of pH-value