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FAQ E-Order

What are the advantages of e-order?

Enjoy with EasyOrder the following advantages :

- 24 hours x 7 days a week on-line easy ordering of your usual products
- EasyOrder proposes your last order(s) and you can select the procucts you would like to re-order
- You will get an immediate confirmation by mail
- You can decide which people from your organisation are allowed to order on-line
- You can see who ordered what in your organisation
- You find more information about the products your order during the ordering process

Who can register for e-order?

EasyOrder is currently available in following countries :


- Austria

- Belgium

- France

- Germany

- Netherlands

- Switzerland


How to register for e-order?

If you are already e-invoice customer you have immediate access to the new functionality. Ask your internal administrator to create an account for your user.

If you are a Messer customer and are not yet registered for the service, you can log in on the e-invoicing website by utilising the first time user and password which is printed on your invoice. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for more information.

If you would like to become a Messer customer, our sales force can advice you on the best suited products from Messer for your requirement and immediately register your organisation  for this service.

How many colleagues of mine can register for e-order?

With EasyOrder you can decide yourself which person(s) of your organisation can order on-line. Your local administrator of the site (the one who receives the electronic invoices) can add/delete users online under "User management".


Mobile Ordering

The ordering functionality of the website can be utilized on a mobile device. If you are a frequent traveller and extensively utilising your smartphone, the Easy Order app is the more ideal companion. It is optimized for smartphone use and can even scan the barcode on the cylinders. The app can be downloaded in your favourite app store (Android & Apple)