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Prikaz web sadržaja
Prikaz web sadržaja

Marlen Schäfer

Corporate Communications

Manager Marketing Services

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Prikaz web sadržaja

Advertisement campaigns

Have you looked closely...?

Delicious biscuits by cooling with CO2, precise soldering of electronic assemblies with N2, crystal clear Trinkwasser mit CO2... at Messer, the applications at our customers are our main thing.

Our specialist advertisement campaign continues the idea of our outdoor advertising strategy, to connect the gases names with their applications.

Our Gases for Life advertisement campaign wants to give industrial enterprises and the public at large an understanding of the application of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, helium, xenon and carbon dioxide, showing them where the invisible helpers are hiding.

Just contact us, in case you have any questions or comments!

Prikaz web sadržaja
Specialist advertisements



Gases ensure crystal-clear water

Improving drinking water quality


Keeping waste water fresh with oxygen

Prevention of odour nuisance and corrosion processes in sewerage systems


Oxygen in wastewater treatment
Economical and flexible wastewater treatment in industrial plants


Weak acid, strong effect

Environment-friendly and cost-effective neutralisation of alkaline wastewater


Absolutely sound with oxygen

Efficient and environmentally friendly drinking water production



Freezing to savor the flavor

Freezing and chilling of food products


Fresh on the table!

Packaging and preservation of food products



Fine powder - major impact

Grinding and recycling with coldness of Messer


Less oxygen, more safety and quality

Targeted inerting protects during production, storage and transportation


Lead free soldering, precise production

Soldering of electronic assemblies


Spray crystallisation - made simple

Spray cooling with cryogenic gases

Welding and Cutting


Competence that welds together

Shielding gases for best welding results

Speciality Gases


Specialities for specialists

Speciality gases for individual requirements

Gases for Life advertisements










Welding and Cutting