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Process description

Concentrated industrial wastewaters and sludges are pre-treated in a wet oxidation plant before being discharged into a biological sewage treatment plant.The chemical oxidation of organic and inorganic compounds with oxygen proceeds in the aqueous phase under high pressure and at high temperature. Oxygen is supplied as air or as pure oxygen.

Gas application

High or low pressure wet oxidation with pure oxygen allows for milder reaction conditions in relation to pressure and temperature and thus simpler plant engineering. The smaller gas volume flow also simplifies exhaust gas treatment and avoids foam problems during operation. For many concentrated industrial wastewaters and sludges, wet oxidation with pure oxygen is the most cost-effective pretreatment method.

The advantages of wet-oxidation with oxygen at a glance:  

  • Milder reaction conditions
  • Simpler plant engineering
  • Space-saving and low-maintenance
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Most economical solution

Messer solution

Messer supplies a costomised oxygen supply system, adapted to the required operating pressure, for both new plants and for existing plants that aim to increase their capacity. Messer also offers feasibility studies and pilot tests in expert laboratories and supervises every start-up and operational test.