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Keeping Waste Water Fresh

Process description

Hydrogen sulfide, which forms in sewer networks, presents the sewer operators with serious problems. The reason for these problems is decomposition processes in waste water. In the absence of oxygen (O2), among other things, hydrogen sulphide forms, this is poisonous and has a strongly corrosive effect. Usual measures against hydrogen sulfide formation are injection of compressed air, compressed air rinses, adding chemicals and deodorising. These measures are often expensive or they only partially solve the problem.

Gas application

Instead of compressed air, pure oxygen is injected into the waste water pipeline using the Oxiduct process. Since pure oxygen, unlike air, is not diluted by nitrogen, more oxygen can be introduced and dissolved in the pipeline. Oxiduct thus ensures an adequate oxygen depot in the pressure pipeline, suppressing anaerobic digestion processes. The formation of organic sulphides and mercaptans is also prevented by the introduction of oxygen. As a result, oxygen is more effective than iron salts but, in contrast to these, does not cause any deposits. In addition, pure oxygen is superior to hydrogen peroxide or nitrate due to lower costs and faster efficacy.


  • No production of hydrogen sulphide or odour
  • No mercaptans and organic sulphides
  • Avoids sulphuric acid corrosion
  • No use of chemicals unrelated to water
  • Effective and economical

Messer solution

The Oxiduct process, which has been tried and tested in practice for many years, makes prevention of hydrogen sulfide formation and corrosion in sewer networks easy and economical.

Messer experts determine the oxygen demand and supply the technical concept as well as the coplete oxygen hardware, including dosing panel and oxygen injection technology. Messer supports you during trials and commissioning.