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Increase Waste Water Treatment Capacity

Process description

The oxygen supply of the activated sludge basin is one of the main factors determining the effluent quality and purification performance of a biological sewage treatment plant. Usually, aeration supplies the activated sludge basin with dissolved oxygen. However, if the waste water loads to the sewage treatment plant increase and exceed the original design values, this is no longer sufficient. 

Gas application

With the injection of pure oxygen, a significant increase in the efficiency of existing, overburdened sewage treatment plants is achieved quickly and economically. It ensures compliance to consent levels and makes cost-intensive extension of the activated sludge basins superfluous. Pure oxygen can be used alone or in addition to existing aeration. It avoids the typical oxygen limitation in, for example, high-load basins, selector basins and wastewater treatment plants which treat warm waste water.

The advantages at a glance: 

  • Overall increase in performance of the sewage treatment plant 
  • Sudden high-impact loads and constant overloads are reliably intercepted
  • Safe nitrification
  • Low investment costs and rapid implementation
  • Cost-intensive and protracted expansion of the sewage treatment plant can be avoided
  • For continuous operation or as a temporary measure
  • Economical and flexible

Messer solution

With the BIOX-N process from Messer, the advantages of a pure oxygen supply are fully utilised. Messer offers oxygen supply, hardware and comprehensive process-technological support. We determine your oxygen demand, prepare a process proposal, design the required hardware and support your commissioning. For large-scale trials, temporary needs or short-term emergency measures, we support you as well and supply hardware from our rental pool.