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Process description

The atmosphere surrounding the drink plays an important role during the storage and transportation of beverages. The main focus is protection against oxidation; both nitrogen and CO2 can be used for inerting.

Messer solution

In order to protect drinks from unwanted oxidation, the oxygen-containing gas atmosphere is replaced by an inert gas. Nitrogen is normally used for this purpose. However, depending on the kind of beverage, CO2 or argon or mixtures of these gases are also used. A distinction is made between tank inerting, in which an empty tank is rendered inert before filling, and head room blanketing, in which the gas space above the liquid is exchanged.


  • Protection from oxidation
  • Protection from ageing
  • Longer shelf-life
  • Longer storage period possible

The supply of gas is particularly economical and environmentally friendly thanks to Messer's Ecovap process.