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Diana Buss

Corporate Communications

Senior Vice President Communications

+49 2151 7811-251

+49 2151 7811-598


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Angela Bockstegers

Corporate Communications

Senior Specialist Public Relations

+49 2151 7811-331

+49 2151 7811-598


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Gases for Life - the industrial gases magazine

Here is a list of all available issues of our magazine for industrial gases "Gases for Life".


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Gases for Life no. 25 - Visionary Hans Messer
PDF (2.02MB)
Gases for Life no. 24 - Founder Adolf Messer
Gases for Life Sonderausgabe - »Klassiker« aus unseren Kundenmagazinen
PDF (2.81MB)
Gases for Life no. 23 - Gases for Cockaigne
PDF (2.08MB)
Gases for Life no. 22 - Putting out fires, preventing fires
PDF (1.99MB)
Gases for Life no. 21 - the history of light
PDF (2.08MB)
Gases for Life no. 20 - Service to the max
PDF (1.79MB)
Gases for Life no. 19 - Close-knit – our experts
PDF (3.31MB)
Gases for Life no. 18 - Following nature’s example
PDF (4.71MB)
Gases for Life no. 17 - Gases in pulp and paper production
PDF (2.3MB)
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On air

Here you will find the issues of our former magazine "on air".


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On air no. 14 - Messer has a wide range of gas applications, some of which are rather unusual
PDF (2.28MB)
On air no. 13 - Messer invests in secure gas supplies for its customers
PDF (2.42MB)
On air no. 12 - Messer offers its customers a wide range of comprehensive services
PDF (1.72MB)
On air no. 11 - Messer supplies construction companies with concrete-cooling equipment and know-how
PDF (2.35MB)
On air no. 10 - Messer focuses on evironmentally friendly technologies
PDF (2.26MB)
On air no. 9 - Industrial gases make lead smelting cost-effective