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Process description

When freezing ice cream or an ice cream mix, slow freezing or an irregular drop in temperature can lead to the creation of large ice crystals which can influence the taste and feeling in the mouth. The freezing speed depends on the one hand on the nature of the product and on the other on the conditions in the freezer. The product itself influences the freezing speed through water content, ingredients, starting temperature, product density, surface type and heat conductivity.

Messer solution

In the freezer, cooling is carried out with liquid nitrogen. The use of cryogenic freezers prevents formation of large ice crystals and results in short holding times in the unit.


  • Gentle, even, fine-crystalline freezing
  • Short freezing times
  • Low investment costs
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Low noise pollution
  • Takes up little space

Messer provides an extensive range of equipment, such as box freezers, tunnel freezers and spiral freezers.