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CO2 Fertilization

Process description

The following factors are of significant importance for optimum plant growth: temperature, nutrients, water, light and CO2. An optimal combination of these components can raise quality and yield considerably.

Messer solution

CO enrichment of the atmosphere in greenhouses can in some cases considerably increase plant growth. Optimised monitoring and control of the carbon dioxide concentration can lead to increases in yields of up to 35%.  

Under optimal starting conditions, the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is disproportionate compared to other growth factors for many plants. By enriching the greenhouse atmosphere with CO2, optimal growth conditions are created so that the yield can be increased significantly. Depending on the type of plant, CO2 content is set at 600-1200 ppm.


  • Increase in return through higher yield, earlier harvesting and shortened cultivation periods
  • Faster plant growth
  • Improved quality