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Milk Powder Production

Process description

Milk powder is a dried milk mass, it is produced by removing the water found in milk using drum- or spray-drying. With classical spray drying, concentrated milk is sprayed into a spray tower as a fine mist counter-current to a flow of hot air. This method requires a great deal of energy and results in the loss of valuable substances.

Gas application

When spray drying with nitrogen or carbon dioxide, the milk is impregnated with nitrogen or carbon dioxide under pressure before spraying and then fed to the spray tower. This increases particle surface area and the drying process is faster. Furthermore, with the same amount of heating gas larger amounts of product can be dried.   


  • Larger product surface area
  • Shorter drying times
  • Greater thermal utilisation of heating gas
  • Less residual moisture in powder

Messer solution

Messer advises its customers on all aspects of gas supply and application to the customer process. Messer is also helpful in the question of which gas is most suitable for the intended application, and choice of spray nozzle. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide of food-quality are supplied. Moreover, trials can be carried out at the customer’s site or at Messer’s Technology Centre.