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Instant Coffee Production

Process description

Coffee beans are roasted, ground and then an extraction with water is carried out. The "coffee" produced in this way is first concentrated in a vacuum through removal of water, and the coffee concentrate is subsequently dried in a spray tower. For this purpose, hot air is introduced into the spray tower to withdraw the spray droplets of remaining water. The coffee powder thus obtained is packed with nitrogen as a protective gas and can then be stirred into hot water at any time and served as a finished coffee.   

Gas application

Using carbon dioxide and nitrogen the porosity of the coffee powder and thus its solubility can be increased.   

The dissolution of carbon dioxide in the liquid coffee concentrate lowers its viscosity and allows the spraying of concentrates with a high solids content. At the same time the CO2 freed after the release of pressure increases the porosity of the coffee particles.   

The addition of nitrogen to the liquid coffee concentrate improves the spray pattern and allows for the creation of smaller coffee particles without needing to change the nozzle arrangement on the spray tower. 


  • Sets powder characteristics (density, porosity)
  • Spray drying of coffee extracts with a high solids content possible
  • Cost savings through energy reductions during spray drying

Messer solution

Messer provides gases and know-how for your requirements. The admixture to the liquid coffee concentrate - as a single gas or as a mixture by means of a gas mixer - is achieved particularly well using the Clapet nozzle developed by Messer.