Gases are usually stored compressed, liquefied or dissolved in suitable cylinders. For withdrawing gases from their containers the use of appropriate components play a key role in order to ensure safety and preserve the quality of gases.

There are basically two types of supply to choose from individual cylinders at the point of use with cylinder pressure regulators or a central gas supply system.

In case only one instrument has to be supplied with gas and the cylinder can be placed right next to the point of use cylinder pressure regulators can be used. The cylinder pressure regulator is directly connected to a gas cylinder and reduces the pressure to the required level.

With a central gas supply system, consisting of pressure control panels, pipelines and tapping points at the various points of use, the gas cylinders are safely stored outside of workplaces.

Messer offers the full range of components for any application. We will be glad to support you in finding the optimal form of supply adapted to your needs. 

Messer subsidiries distribute equipment produced by Spectron Gas Control Systems, company which is part of the Messer World.