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Powder Manufacture

Process description

Low-melting, tough or paste-like products are easier to process and dose when in powder form. These powders must have an exact and narrow particle size distribution and should be able to be produced in small quantities with flexible product changeover. Gases are used in the case of many spraying variants.

Gas application 

The gases nitrogen and carbon dioxide are used for powder manufacture.


  • Low investment costs
  • Require little space
  • High flexibility
  • Small product volumes possible
  • Simple re-tooling with product changeover
  • Narrow, fine and selectable particle size distribution
  • Homogeneous product quality

Messer solution

The Variosol process developed by Messer enables the production of tailor-made, free-flowing powders for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the food industry. The spray method uses liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen as the spraying medium and refrigerant. The product to be processed is first placed in a storage container in which it can be melted and tempered. Through tempered piping it is then pumped to the atomiser where product and gas expand together. The cryogenic gas atomises the product into very fine particles and simultaneously cools it down. The desired crystallization temperature is almost arbitrarily adjustable via the mix ratio of product and gas. Thanks to the cryogenic gas temperatures, even substances with a very low melting temperature can be crystallised using the Variosol process.