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Mixing and Kneading

Process description

Without adequate cooling heat is added to the product during mixing and grinding processes. To compensate for this heat and/or to further cool the product, mixers are fitted with cooling systems. The systems vary between direct and indirect cooling.   

Gas application

The product is cooled with dry ice pellets or through direct addition of gas in liquid state. Depending on the application, cooling takes place using liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen. 


  • Extremely rapid cooling of the mixture through direct introduction of the cooling medium into the mixer
  • Optimal utilisation of the cooling medium through direct contact with the product (large heat exchange surface)
  • Simple installation of cooling supply on mixer
  • Low investment costs
  • Easy to install; low maintenance and repair costs

Messer solutions

The Variomix process is used in the industrial production of baked goods and the mixing of pourable foodstuffs. For this purpose, either liquid nitrogen (LN2) or liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) is added precisely in special mixers. With the Clapet nozzle, developed by Messer, the gas input takes place through the mixer bottom, which utilises the cooling content of the cooling medium particularly well.