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Bad Soden, Germany
Bad Soden, Germany

Messer to build new carbon dioxide plant in California

Having recently acquired new companies in the Americas, the worldwide largest family-run industrial gases specialist Messer is investing in the construction of a new CO2 plant in Keyes, California. With an output of 450 tonnes of carbon dioxide a day, the plant will supply numerous companies in northern California and surrounding areas. That is the equivalent of 20 road tanker loads. Start-up is planned for the end of 2019.

"This investment represents our commitment to strategic US expansion to meet growing market demand," said Jens Luehring, President and CEO of Messer Americas.
Carbon dioxide is applied especially in the food, beverage and electronics industries. For example, it is used in the production of carbonated beverages or for soldering electronic components.
"We’re dedicated to providing a reliable supply of industrial gases to our customers and look forward to breaking ground on this plant to further meet that need.".
Messer currently operates two CO2 plants and two air separation units in California.