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Bad Soden, Germany
Bad Soden, Germany

Messer: Largest production plant for gases in Vietnam

Messer, largest family-run industrial gases specialist worldwide, has commissioned a new production plant for air gases in Dung Quất, a coastal city in the center of Vietnam. The air separation plant is located on the site of the new steelwork of the Vietnamese Hoa Phat Group and supplies the industrial company directly with a gas pipeline.

From a total of 400,000 cubic meters of process air per hour, oxygen, nitrogen and argon are produced. As such, Dung Quất is now one of Messer's largest production sites.

When planning the plant, the extreme temperatures in Dung Quất and the high humidity in the summer months had to be considered. Two engineering teams, from Vietnam and Europe, worked together on the design and construction. The air separation plant is based on piles totaling 33,000 meters in length; around 17,000 cubic meters of concrete were processed.


  • Aerial picture of the air separation unit in Dung Quất, with the Hoa Phat steelworks in the background
Aerial picture of the air separation unit in Dung Quất ...
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