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Diana Buss

Corporate Communications

Senior Vice President Communications

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Angela Giesen

Corporate Communications

Senior Specialist Public Relations

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Dr. Icecream: the travelling ice cream laboratory

“Dr. Icecream” - Marcus Nülken - showcases his special ice cream creations at markets and fairs such as the Düsseldorf Kirmes. When he makes his delicious concoctions in his travelling ice cream laboratory, a lot of misty vapour is produced as cream, milk, sugar and fresh fruit come into contact with Messer’s liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius. The whole process – from mixing the ingredients to the finished product – only takes 60 seconds. By the end of it, the nitrogen has already vaporised. The one-minute ice cream is only available in three flavours – changing daily – so that all the perishable ingredients can be completely used up by the evening. 


  • Marcus Nülken concocting an ice cream mixture
Marcus Nülken concocting an ice cream mixture
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