Environmental guidelines of the Messer Group

Messer adheres to environmental guidelines which were developed by the company as the basis of its business activity:

The Messer Group will

  • determine the material impact of its business activity on the environment and set itself targets for the continual improvement of its environmental compatibility.
  • reduce the environmental impact of its products and services.
  • endeavour to prevent pollution of the environment.
  • reduce waste generation and support programmes aimed at the prevention of pollution.
  • provide operating principles, processes, procedures and resources for the implementation of its environmental guidelines, taking into consideration the best available technology.
  • encourage staff to act in an environmentally friendly way, both at work and at home.
  • promote continuous improvement in waste minimisation.
  • comply with or exceed the requirements of existing environmental legislation.
  • carry out environmental impact assessments before building new or modifying existing facilities.
  • strive for open and honest communication with all stakeholders and neighbours.
  • minimise energy consumption and, wherever possible, reuse materials in an economically viable way.

Current projects for environmental protection are described in our yearly CSR report.