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Ivan Perez

Ivan Perez

Ivan Perez is a chemical engineer who joined Messer in 2007. Today, he's working at Messer Vietnam Industrial Gases. Since the beginning of 2011, he has been strengthening Messer’s application technology and market development activities in Vietnam. He is married with two children and has been living in Hanoi (Vietnam) with his family since 2011.

My biggest professional challenge at Messer so far has been…
...adapting to life in Vietnam in order to provide technical support to our subsidiaries there.

What typifies Messer for me is…
...the ability to take swift action for our customers thanks to the excellent cooperation that exists in our international organisation, and a high degree of decision-making autonomy.

My strengths...
...are personal commitment, spontaneity, perseverance, readiness to take risks, and the ability to learn quickly.

I have a weakness for…
...Mediterranean food. Best enjoyed with the family, good friends and a glass of red wine.

What fascinates you about gases and gas applications?
I find my present area of work – cryogenic solvent recovery and waste gas cleaning – as interesting as it is complex.

The most important invention of the last century is…
...the laser with its different applications, such as in nanotechnology, which allows matter to be manipulated at an atomic level.