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Marlen Schäfer

Corporate Communications

Manager Marketing Services

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Webový obsah - zobrazení

Specialist brochures

Take advantage of the wealth of information available from the Messer Group. We have compiled the know-how about our products, specific applications and processes for you in our brochures. If you have installed Adobe Reader, you can download the brochure you are interested in by clicking on its title picture.
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Think before you print

P Please consider the environment before printing this documents/website.

Think Before Printing is a global campaign to reduce wasteful printing.

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Efficiency on the spot

CryoGAN generators for cost-effective on-site production of high purity nitrogen

Perfect on-site supply

Intelligent concepts for on-site gas production



Construction sector

Water enhancement

Carbon dioxide neutralises wastewater in the construction industry – ecologically and economically

Building without stress

Cryogenic cooling prevents stress cracking in the concrete and assures quality.




A gas-clear advantage

Gases increase productivity in circuit boards assembly

Your connection to optimum service

Gases and technology for electronics production

Simply doubling up on efficiency

CoolSold reduces costs and CO2 emissions for PCB soldering

Electronics in best hands

Complete solutions for electronics



Continuous efficiency

Cryogen-Rapid®-Tunnel Freezer

Cryogenic Freezing

With Quality and Speed

Atmospheric enrichment in greenhouses with carbon dioxide

For faster growth and more production

Food gases at a glance


Mixer cooling – fast and efficient

Modified atmosphere packaging

Siber System

Cryogenic transport cooling with dry ice

SnowDrop Technology

Cold chain solution with dry ice for home delivery services

The Vibrofreezer

Quality through loose rolling freezing (IQF)

Gently freezing with cryogenic gases

Quick freezing

Unlimited versatility

Cryogen-Rapid®-Cabinet Freezer

Unrivalled compactness

Cryogen-Rapid®-Spiral Freezer



Cold grinding & recycling

Cold grinding and recycling

Cryogenic cooling facilitates efficient production of fine powder




Fast. Strong. Black.

Blackrapid - hardens and coats iron alloys in one operation

Protection with added value

Endolin gas mixtures - for the highest metallurgical standards, even on tight budgets

Optimised Heat Treatment in Steel Processing

More than good: harden and temper!

More efficient carburisation

Hydrocarb - reducing the surface oxidation depth during tempering and case hardening of steels 

Strong duo

Neutrotherm and Hydrotherm inert gas mixtures - perfect oxidation protection for all types of alloys

Oxidation Protection for Metals and Alloys

The best protective and reaction gas for every application

Attractive alternative

Variocarb-direct - efficient and decarburisation-free steel hardening while saving costs

Undbeatable effectiveness

Variocarb-therm - the most efficient protection against steel oxidation

Steel-hardened advantages

Flexible nitriding atmospheres - for optimal surface treatment

Tire industry
Optimal vulcanization of tires using nitrogen

Simply enhanced efficiency

The EcoVap vaporiser reduces the energy costs of refrigerating installations.



Welding & cutting


Gone all out for a classic

The right choice for root protection work

Back shielding and root protection ensure perfect weld seams

Grieson - the cryogenic liquid fuel gas

Grieson has two strings to once bow

Gases for Welding und Cutting

Introduction of the international standard


Lasline, Nitrocut, Oxycut - gases for laser cutting

Expertise that gets right to the point

Lasline - gases for laser welding and brazing

Expertise that gets right to the point,


MAG welding of unalloyed steels


Inert gas welding of high-alloy materials


3D printing of metals

Triple savings books

Our ternary mixtures

Possible causes of problems on the way from the gas cylinder to the welding place

Labelling of cylinders used in welding

The basis for all labelling is the standard DIN EN 1089-3

Welding positions

according to DIN EN ISO 6947

Gas shielded arc welding

Selected reference tables

Gases for welding & cutting



Inert gas welding of aluminium alloys

Thermal spraying

Process engineering and selection of gases


Specialty gases

Gas supply equipment

Cylinder pressure regulators and gas supply systems for specialty gases


Simple, quick and safe

Process gases for analytical applications

High-purity gases and gas mixtures for all requirements

Environmental analysis

Process and calibration gases for the measurement of air pollutants

Liquid nitrogen service

Your mobile delivery service for small quantities

Gas mixtures

Individual solutions specifically for your application


The gas canister programme for small quantities


The special element


The online management of calibration gases

High-purity gases

Costumer-oriented offering highest quality

Environment friendly

Recycling and disposal of residual gases


Handling of gases and safety instructions

Specialty Gases

Costum,-made solutions for many industries 


Chemistry / Environment

Simply enhanced efficiency

The EcoVap vaporiser reduces the energy costs of refrigerating installations

With oxygen the chemistry is right

Oxygen optimises the production of sulphur and sulphuric acid

Quality and environment hand in hand

Industrial gases optimise paper production

Water enhancement

Carbon dioxide neutralises wastewater in the construction industry – ecologically and economically

Less oxygen, more safety and quality

Targeted protection during production, storage and transportation, through inerting

Cold solvent recovery

DuoCondex uses cryocondensation to optimise waste gas purification


Efficient temperature control using cryogenic cooling

Gases improve drinking water quality

Water is most important and strictly controlled foodstuff

Effective cleaning of industrial waste water

Weak acid, strong effect

Carbon dioxide neutralises alkaline wastewater in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.


Prevention of odour nuisance and corrosion in sewers


Cold applications

Be cold and calculating in using our benefits

Maximizing the quality and durability of materials in cold chambers

Deburring of die cast products

Customised, cost-effective and precise with liquid nitrogen

Quality – cryogenically produced

Cryogenic nitrogen for industrial applications

Rubber deflashing with liquid nitrogen

Better deflashing performance with superior cooling quality