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Diana Buss

Corporate Communications

Senior Vice President Communications

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Angela Giesen

Corporate Communications

Senior Specialist Public Relations

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Natural CO2 to meet growing demand

Messer has successfully completed the construction of its third CO2 production facility in Ölbő. Highpurity carbon dioxide is extracted from a local natural source. The source itself lies at a depth of around 2,000 metres. The gas is supplied primarily to the beverage industry in Hungary and in neighbouring countries. To satisfy their rapidly growing demand, original output at the site has now been tripled. Besides extraction from natural sources, CO2 is often obtained as a by-product of processes in the chemical industry, after which it is purified. Natural CO2 has a high level of purity in comparison and can be obtained independently of other industrial processes. The facility in Ölbő is therefore one of the most reliable sources of CO2 in Europe.