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Messer presents Silensnow technology at Solutrans

Messer, the largest family-run industrial gases specialist worldwide, will be presenting the new Silensnow technology at Solutrans in Lyon, France, from 19 to 23 November 2019. In Hall 4, Row K, Stand 162, Messer and French bodywork specialist Frappa will be providing information about their latest developments in the field of sustainable transport refrigeration.

Messer developed the new cryogenic Silensnow technology for the temperature-controlled transport and logistics industry in partnership with Frappa.

This patented process for vans uses dry ice snow – carbon dioxide in solid form at minus 78.5 degrees Celsius – as a cold source. The cooling effect of the dry ice is achieved via an indirect cooling system. This process meets the environmental and official requirements of the transport companies. “The aim is clear: to enable inner-city deliveries at any time of day, by day or night, in summer or winter, without disturbing the residents or interrupting the cold chain,” says Emir Tebib, a Messer expert in food applications. Messer has also developed its own service station, which enables safe and quick filling with dry ice.

The CO2 from Messer is collected as a by-product of processes in the chemical industry. It is then purified, liquefied and certified accordingly. The gas is used in a range of applications. With Silensnow, it is used as a cold source when transporting fresh and frozen products in urban areas.


Messer's new service station enables safe and quick filling with dry ice.

Messer's new service station enables safe and quick filling with dry ice.
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