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Bad Soden, Germany
Bad Soden, Germany

Messer invests in Hungary to consolidate its market position

In the past three years, Messer, the largest family-run industrial gases specialist worldwide, has invested 37.4 million euros in the expansion of its Hungarian operations. Messer is the market leader in the Hungarian on-site sector with 21 gas production facilities and plants currently operating at the sites of twelve major customers. The company recently signed a contract for the construction of a new on-site facility with MOL Petrochemicals, a leading petrochemicals group. The plant will supply nitrogen and instrument air for a new polyol complex in the northern Hungarian town of Tiszaújváros and is due to go into operation in 2021. With approximately 14,500 standard cubic metres of nitrogen and 27,000 standard cubic metres of instrument air per hour, it will be one of Messer’s larger on-site facilities in Southeast Europe. Polyol is the basic material for polyurethane foams, which are used as versatile polymer products in the construction, automotive, packaging and furniture industries. As part of a major investment, Messer commissioned its third air separation unit in Hungary at the MOL site as recently as 2017.

Furthermore, Messer has installed two new nitrogen generators in the Hungarian towns of Dunavarsány and Hatvan. A third one is under construction. The capacity of the carbon dioxide field in Ölbő, Hungary, has been trebled in the past two years through the construction of another two CO2 plants to meet the growing demand. The total production capacity of the three plants is 120,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Messer has been one of the leading industrial gases manufacturers in Hungary for 30 years.


  • Messer gas production facilities at the site of MOL Petrochemicals
  • Zsolt Bohner, Managing Director of Messer in Hungary
Messer gas production facilities at the site of MOL Petrochemicals
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Zsolt Bohner, Managing Director of Messer in Hungary
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