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Cecilia Albert

Human Resources

Senior Specialist Human Resources

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Kamer Albayrak

Human Resources

Personnel Development & Recruiting

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International trainee programme

Messer has set up an international trainee programme that gives employees the opportunity to gain their first international experience in preparation for management roles.

Participants in the trainee programme are university graduates with a commercial and technical background. Graduates of universities of applied sciences may also be eligible to take part.

Participants must fulfil the following criteria: good exam results, successfully passing a personality and aptitude test, proficiency in multiple languages, mobility and management potential.

The training takes place in the Sales and Production/Engineering departments.

The trainee programme lasts for 15 to 18 months, with around 12 months spent in the specialty fields of Sales or Production/Engineering and around six months in the non-specialty fields Administration and Logistics. During the programme, trainees are placed in subsidiaries.

The placement planning is managed centrally by the Corporate Human Resources department. After completion of the trainee programme, trainees take over line functions in subsidiaries, but continue to be supervised and supported within Messer’s management development programme.