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Diana Buss

Corporate Communications

Senior Vice President Communications

+49 2151 7811-251

+49 2151 7811-598


Angela Giesen

Corporate Communications

Senior Specialist Public Relations

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+49 2151 7811-598


Information to our customers and partners

Dear business partners, ladies and gentlemen

Please note our information about our handling of the corona virus (COVID-19):

For Messer, the health and safety of our employees and business partners as well as responsible behaviour are key elements of our corporate culture. We have therefore implemented extensive measures to protect the health of our employees and partners - wherever possible, our employees are currently working from home or physically separated. In those areas where this is not feasible, we have partly switched to multi-shift operation. We hope that this will help us to ensure the health of our employees and partners as far as possible, to contain the spread of the virus and at the same time maintain normal business operations. Nevertheless, should difficulties or delays occur in the implementation of deliveries or services, we will inform you as far as possible in sufficient time.

Pandemic teams ensure that the health authorities are supported in preventing or delaying the spread of the corona virus and that the supply of significantly increased quantities of medical gases, especially oxygen, is secured.

As a partner of business and also as a member of the international community, we are committed to do our best and to work with all our partners solidarily in this difficult time.

If you would like to receive detailed information on our handling of the corona virus, please contact us by e-mail at info@messergroup.com.

If you purchase gases from us in pressure vessels (gas cylinders), please inform us immediately if our gas cylinders have come into contact with infected persons.


Many thanks for your cooperation

Your Messer team