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Corporate Communications

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Energy balance improved by EcoVap

Messer has won the tender to supply nitrogen to special printing specialist Constantia Flexibles in competition with the previous supplier. The factors that swung the customer’s decision in Messer’s favour included the provision of expert advice as well as an energy-saving gas supply concept. Messer set up a secondary supply comprising a 50,000-litre gas tank and four vaporisers to ensure an uninterrupted gas supply during the changeover. A new 60,000-litre tank has now been installed at the factory site in Wangen im Allgäu. The liquid nitrogen is vaporised with the EcoVap process. This involves the nitrogen’s inherent cold being fed into the existing cooling system, thereby reducing the refrigerating machine’s electricity consumption. This improves the company’s energy balance and reduces CO2 emissions. The nitrogen is used to inert the drying process in UV-cured printing machines. It displaces the atmospheric oxygen that would disrupt the curing of synthetic paints by polymerisation. Constantia Flexibles is the world’s fourth-largest manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions for the food and pharmaceutical sectors.