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Diana Buss

Corporate Communications

Senior Vice President Communications

+49 2151 7811-251

+49 2151 7811-598


Angela Giesen

Corporate Communications

Senior Specialist Public Relations

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Airborne gas leak detection

Pergam-Suisse’s Airborne Laser Methane Assessment (ALMA) is a state-of-the-art laserbased leak detection system for natural gas pipelines. The Zurich-based company uses methane from Messer to test its instruments and provide training in their use. Methane is the main component of natural gas. When released into the atmosphere, its climate impact is 25 times greater than that of carbon dioxide. In order to prevent gas leaks and the resulting harmful impact, European directives require regular inspections of natural gas pipelines using helicopters. ALMA can reliably detect even the tiniest leaks from a distance of up to 150 metres. It uses a pulsed diode laser which is directed onto the pipeline during the inspection.