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Diana Buss

Corporate Communications

Senior Vice President Communications

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Angela Giesen

Corporate Communications

Senior Specialist Public Relations

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A new nitrogen application

Messer has installed a pipeline over 1,000 metres in length to provide a direct nitrogen supply to HBIS Group Serbia’s steelworks in Smederevo in future. The gas is used to remove rolling emulsion in the cold-rolling mill. The emulsion consists of a mixture of lubricating oil and water and reduces friction between the roller and the steel strip. It also has a cooling function, thereby protecting the surface of both the rollers and the sheet steel. The nitrogen blows it off the surfaces with a pressure of 7.5 bar, at the same time preventing unwanted oxidation. The nitrogen is produced as a by-product in two Messer air separation units located in the immediate vicinity, which already supply the steelworks with oxygen.